Not feeling yourself?

Life has a way of surprising you, not always with welcome events.
Maybe the loss of a loved one, stresses at work, unhappy relationships or just feeling generally low.
I am here to listen.
WE are all individuals and not one of us has had the same life experiences or share the same brain functions, so why should one certain therapy or approach cure all?
I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have training and experience on how to aid a therapeutic process where we can begin to make sense of negative feelings together.
Instead of pretending to know what’s best for you, I instead aim to facilitate the process and listen to you, as well as combine certain behaviours patterns to come up with approach designed just for you, the individual.

I provide a non judgemental and safe environment for you to share your troubles. I use the person centred approach to talk about present feelings in the here and now and also certain behaviour patterns that lead to these feelings that are weighing you down.
I have passed a BA degree in Sociology  with secondary honours, which has given me insight into our diverse society.
I realise the pressures of society’s introjections that are constantly weighing heavily on top of us.
A feeling of not living up to the image that we feel society wants us to be. Feeling trapped inside.

I have obtained an accredited level four diploma in 2008, also had four years experience working for Macmillan, specialising in bereavement and palliative cases.

I have worked with young children in a supportive role in a NHS care home, where art, play and talking therapies were used to help children feel heard and then feel safe again.
More importantly I have gained the knowledge and experience of how to make people feel at ease in my company, to show empathy and unconditional positive regard for the individual.
Together we can work through your negative feelings and find a stronger happier path to enjoy life again.

Prices: £45 per face to face 50 min session. £40 per internet 50 min session.
£40 per 50 min phone session.
OAP’s £35 per 50 min session.           Couples sessions £50.

Employee Assistant Programmes are welcome, please email or phone for a quote.

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